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As with other Christian retreats, those going on a Credo Weekend hear talks concerning faith, God and spiritual matters.  Music, prayer and sharing are key elements of the Weekend.

Credo Weekends are run by non-clergy.  Although clergy are on the Weekends and will give some talks, most of those who give the talks are not professional speakers.   Many who write and deliver the talks have their own hurts, habits and hang-ups, and have come to know that there IS a higher power who cares about them -- and His name is Jesus.  Openly sharing our own faith journey and our experiences with a loving, healing God is what makes a Credo Weekend so special.

It is a firm belief of Credo that it is God who ultimately designs the outcomes of the Weekend.  The desire to serve God while sharing our personal experience of God in our lives helps us to keep our egos out of the way.

What happens on a Credo Weekend is sharing, caring, learning, praying, singing, eating, laughing and release.  What is shared is shared in confidence.  What happens and is said on a Weekend, stays on the Weekend.

What does it cost

The cost for the three nights and three days in a rustic setting (no radio or TV) includes all materials needed for reading, writing and listening.  There will be three full meals each day, with snacks, coffee, juice and sodas always available.  All we need from you is an application with a minimal deposit payable to Mason-Dixon Credo.  While this does not cover the entire cost of the Weekend, the remaining cost is underwritten by others who have experienced the Weekend and wish to share that experience with you.

Money left over from any Weekend goes toward the next Weekend.  Mason-Dixon Credo is recognized by the IRS as a charitable organization.


2019 Weekend Dates


May 16-19, 2019  Women

Oct 10-13, 2019     Men

Oct 31-Nov 3, 2019  Women 

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